How to make your eyes stand out without an eye liner ?

4 Dec


Here’s a little trick we make up artists use a lot when we want to define eyes without really using an eyeliner on the outside of the upper lid:

Lining the upper inner rims of your eyes with black mascara will make lashes look fuller as well as define your eyes beautifully

1) After applying a nude or colored eye shadow base

2) Brush on a light then darker contour shadow on your eye lid

3) Pick up your mascara and an angled shadow or soft brow brush

4) Pick up mascara from the mascara brush with the angled brush

5) With your left finger tips lift the eye lid so you can see under the top of your eyelashes.

6) Place the angled brush to deposit the mascara on the space right under your lash line. Do not rub just press on very gently and move on by sections until you reach the end of the lash line

7) For a more pronounce effect you can repeat this technic on the top of the lash

8) Apply mascara as usual

Results are fantastic for a well designed eye without any dark or harsh lines or mistakes to correct!

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