Best FREE health, nutrition planner and personal coach. I use it all the time. This website is really incredible it calculates my daily calorie intake according to what I am either planning on eating or what I have already taken in. It’s data base has literally thousand different  kinds of food. The personal assistant after you have checked in your favorites will produce a template menu (with a grocery list attached s’il vous plais). You don’t like what they picked for your breakfast? Not a problem the site will give you replacement choices just scroll down the listed item and you have 20 more items to pick from …Another great feature for people like me who eat out everyday  the site has gathered hundreds of  references from either grocery store, restaurants or fast food items one click away that you can save in your data base so all you have to do is save them on your preferred food list and they are available anytime to you to add to your daily intake for calorie count. Allergic to a particular food group or trying to calculate your sodium intake ? You guessed it they have a button for that too… I think they thought of all the big and little details and it really made my life easier as well as kept me aware of my eating habits. Definitely a must have!

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